5 Best Crystals for Attracting Love

amethyst crystal for love heart charm

Love is the ultimate power that energizes us, makes us happy, heals all wounds, creates positive transformation, and gives us an overall feeling of joy.

When we first start with self love, other types of love come easier to us. The positive energy attracts even more love into our lives. Whether you’re looking for a romantic love, great friendships, stronger family bonds, or just love in general, these 5 stones can attract more love in your life.


rose quartz heart charm


Rose Quartz is the most popular of all the love stones. It’s great for attracting any type of love from self-love to romance and friendships. Its beautiful energy is gentle and kind, helping us open the heart chakra.


2. RUBY 


If you are up for a flirty, steamy type of love, Ruby is the stone for you! It is known to make the person wearing it feel uninhibited and courageous, attracting like-minded individuals. It’s good for people who want to feel more daring and adventurous in love.




If you are looking for “true love,” Tanzanite can help you draw the right partner. It opens up your intuition, balances your emotions, and increases spiritual awareness to call in your soul mate.




Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful stone to attract someone who is drama free. This stone can assist in bringing a genuine and trusting connection. It helps balance the emotions and cultivate insight in any relationship. It can also help bring truth and awareness to the forefront. Wonderful for a long-term, equal partnership.




This is the stone of Venus, the love goddess. It helps us communicate in a very loving manner and enables us to understand others on a deeper level. It brings tranquility and peace into our lives and relationships. Amethyst is also a highly spiritual stone. It offers great protection, helping you keep away negative people from your life.


To Learn More About Love Crystals

For more information on crystals for love or any other use, The Crystal Bible is a terrific resource. Visit The Crystal Elixir Studio to pick up a copy. And while you’re there, be sure to talk to a crystal concierge to help you choose the crystal that’s right for your needs.