Meet Our Healers: Shelley Warren, Master Astrologer

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The Crystal Elixir Studio is proud to showcase the services of Shelley Warren, master astrologer.

Shelley empowers her clients by helping them understand who they are via their personal soul signature: their natal astrology chart. This very personal work highlights not only your rising, sun, and moon signs, but also your aspects, planets, assets, challenges, thinking style, and your destiny.

Included in Your Session: A Personalized Crystal Grid

Your a personalized crystal grid is a matrix for your altar or home. It places specific crystals on the strong and weak points of your chart to open up the flow of divine energy to support all your intentions.

Three Surprising Things About Shelley

  • She was a professional dancer. Salsa and tango are her specialties!
  • She once sold hats as a fashion designer.
  • She’s also a certified tarot reader using the modernized Voyager Tarot deck.


“…if you are…feeling ‘stuck’ in your life, not knowing where to go, or if you are facing a difficult challenge I highly recommend seeing her!” — Patricia Delaere, Venice California

“If you want to understand what is happening in your life, then a reading from Shelley is most important.” — Kathy Carroll, Chicago, Illinois

“Every year I attune my personal GPS system with a reading from Shelley Warren Astrology!”Monique Hunter, Los Angeles, CA

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Book a session with Shelley online now! Or phone the Crystal Elixir Studio at (424) 535-3116.