How to Use a Spirit Board

ouija board by candlelight

People have used spirit boards (also known as Ouija Boards) since ancient times to connect with the spirit world for guidance. Although they vary greatly in style, these boards usually include letters and numbers, as well as the words “yes,” “no” and “goodbye.” Placed directly on the board under your fingertips, a planchette moves between the markings to communicate with you.

While spirit boards can be extremely helpful when communicating with highly evolved spirits, you should use them properly so that you do not attract mischief-causing, lower vibration spirits.

Below are some tips for having a positive experience when using the board.

Clear the Spirit Board and Planchette Before Use

This gets rid of any negative energy that might be attached to the spirit board. You can use a cloth or a paper towel to wipe down the board and planchette. You can also use sage or palo santo to clear, as well.

Don’t Play Around with the Spirit Board

Sometimes people don’t believe the power of the board and the spirits it can attract, especially if they don’t get immediate results. They can be disrespectful by calling the spirits names or making jokes. This kind of behavior can attract low-level, negative spirits that could harm you in some way. The last thing you want to do is make a spirit angry!

One of many delightful spirit board styles

Say a Prayer of Protection Before Starting Your Session

Ask for protection from God, guardian angels, spirit guides, etc., and ask that only highly evolved, loving spirits come through.

Make Sure You Ask the Right Types of Questions

Questions should be helpful in your life, such as:

  • “What is the energy around the new job I am starting? Is there anything I need to know about it?”
  • “Is there a time frame of when I should move?”
  • “How can I be a better partner to my spouse?”

You do not want to ask questions with negative connotations like, “When am I going to die?” Highly evolved spirits carry positive energy, and want to help you with your life. They don’t want to draw negative energy to you.

How do I know if I have reached a good spirit or a bad one?

A highly evolved spirit will only bring messages that are of a positive nature. They are usually good spellers and deliver messages efficiently. Negative spirits can be jokesters and bad spellers, providing negative or confusing information.

What do I do if I’ve reached a negative spirit?

If you feel a negative spirit enter the board, do the following:

  1. Ask it to leave by saying, “Please leave the board. Your energy is not wanted here.”
  2. Push the planchette off the board and say goodbye.
  3. Start again by requesting a “highly evolved, loving spirit.”

Assign a Leader and a Note Taker

If you are doing this in a group setting, one person should be the leader, who asks the questions for the group. Someone should be assigned to take notes, so it will be easier to translate the messages.

A spirit board that uses a pendulum instead of planchette

End the Session Properly

 When you are done with the session, do the following:

  1. Always thank the spirits who showed up to help you.
  2. Move the planchette off the board.
  3. Either wipe down the spirit board and planchette or sage it before putting it away.

Use for Your Highest Good

Using a spirit board can be very rewarding when you connect with highly evolved spirits. They love to help us and guide us in directions that will be for our highest good and for the highest good of those around us. Just be sure to respect the board and its powers so that it can be a useful tool for you. If you would like a reading using a spirit board, contact our store to schedule an appointment!