Essential Oils to Promote Cooperation and Compassion


(Another guest post in this February series from our Essential Oils Alchemist, Michelle Johnson!)

Given the constant focus on what divides us, instead of what unites us, our collective vibe could definitely use some TLC. The previous blogs this month have focused on self-love and romantic love. But today’s blog post features essential oils that emphasize our shared purpose and compassion—key ingredients to tolerance, acceptance, and sisterly love. In addition to their powerful spiritual purpose, these oils smell amazing and are a perfect addition to any essential oil collection.


The Neroli essential oil is steam-distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. Its aroma is a delightful combination of citrus, sweet, floral, and just slightly bitter. Believed to be the oil of shared purpose and partnership, Neroli helps heal the heart during relationship conflict. It’s especially effective during energetic shifts in long-term partnerships—romantic and otherwise. As relationships evolve, Neroli evokes feelings of patience, empathy, forgiveness, and acceptance of a chosen partner.

How to Use

Neroli is conveniently bottled in a 10mL roller to allow for easy application. Place on pulse points at the wrist and temples, as well as behind the ears. This is one of our favorite oils to use as a perfume.

Practical Magic Tip

Neroli essential oil supports a healthy cardiovascular system. So, apply regularly and give your heart a little extra love in February, Heart Awareness Month!


Feeling disconnected from the divine feminine? Look no further than the sweet scent of Magnolia, the oil of compassion! Magnolia creates sacred space within the heart, enabling us to connect with our higher selves as it reminds us we are all united by human experience. The intoxicating aroma of Magnolia awakens the senses. It connects us to the warmth of maternal nurturing as it supports deep, spiritual

healing of the heart and soul. It also helps us recognize the common thread of divinity that connects us all.

How to Use

Like Jasmine and Neroli, Magnolia comes in a 10mL roller bottle. You can wear Magnolia as a perfume. To connect with the divine feminine, rub the roller over your heart and third eye before meditation.


You can diffuse both Neroli and Magnolia. To control the amount of oil, use an eyedropper to add the desired amount.

We’re Here to Help

The Crystal Elixir Studio in Brentwood offers a variety of essential oils, essential oil blends, candles, and healing crystals available for purchase today. Our experienced staff is available to answer any questions you have and offer suggestions and tips on how you can help raise the vibration of our collective consciousness.