Prepare Your Home for a Peaceful Thanksgiving


The holidays are upon us, and it’s time for parties, celebrations, and family gatherings. Powerful energy surrounds us during this time. When other people bring their energy and communication styles into our space, we need all the help we can get to stay calm, cool, and collected during this hectic season. How can we create a peaceful Thanksgiving?

If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving feast, you have a beautiful opportunity to prepare your home for a healing celebration. Having a grateful heart is a sure fire way to manifest a happy holiday season! But here are some additional ways you can specifically prepare your home so that you can enjoy your friends and loved ones, as well as to show your gratitude and love.

Cleansing the Space

You’ll first want to cleanse your home – or perhaps just your dining room – of any negative energy. Here are a few common techniques:


Also known as “smudging,” burning sage is an ancient way to capture negative energy and move it away from your home. Once you’ve purchased a bundle of sage at the Crystal Elixir Studio, simply light the bundle tip in your home and move around the room with it, clockwise, with the intention of clearing your space. We recommend doing it the night before your celebration, as sage can leave a distinctive scent. (The smoke doesn’t trigger allergies.) Sage can also enhance the power of any spiritual objects in the room. More on that shortly.

Palo Santo

Much like sage, Palo Santo is a smudging stick that you light to move around the room to capture and send away any negative energy. Some people prefer the scent of Palo Santo to sage. It’s strictly a personal preference which to use.

Salt Water

Probably the simplest and most cost-effective method is a salt water cleansing. Dissolve a teaspoon or so of salt in a cup of warm water. You can either put it in a spray/diffuser bottle or just use your fingers to flick the salt water from the bowl as you move around the room.

Creating Peace with Essential Oils

Our essential oils specialist, Michelle Johnson, recently contributed a blog post about using essential oils to manage stress during the holiday season. Check out what she has to say about using dōTERRA’s® Lavender, Serenity® and Balance® essential oils.

Calming with Crystals

Crystals are far from just decorative. They can be used to manifest your desires, as well as to calm and balance the energy of a person or place.

Below is a list of crystals you can use during this festive season to help you stay grounded, create loving energy, and positive communication:

Gratitude and Love Crystals

  • Amethyst – Spirituality, love, protection, gratitude.
  • Rose Quartz – Self-love, partnership love, friend love, positive energy.
  • Malachite – Absorbs negative energy, opens heart to love and good luck.

Communication Crystals

  • Lapis Lazuli – Great for self-expression, honesty, and compassion.
  • Blue Lace Agate – Calming, positive verbal expression, tranquility, peace.
  • Chrysocolla – Best conversation stone, empowerment, inner wisdom.

There are many creative ways you can use these beautiful stones to amplify the good vibes during the season. Use them as part of your table decorations to keep positive energy and conversation flowing. Or place them in the corners of the room to keep the energy balanced and grounded. You can even carry some in your pocket for protection or wear them as jewelry, where no one will suspect you are actually promoting good energy at your party!

Flower Essences for the Host and Hostess

Since you are hosting the Thanksgiving festivities, you lead the energy of the event. Therefore, we recommend taking a quick floral essence compounded formula just before you start preparations. Our favorite recipe includes:

  • Snapdragon – Improves the ability to speak, releases any emotional tension.
  • Sweet William – Uplifts the mood, increases heartfelt expression.
  • Impatiens – Increases patience and tolerance.

Think of it as a spiritual cocktail to balance and ground your energy! Ask our Flower Essences Barista to mix it for you.

Crystal Elixir Studio is Here to Help

Whichever method you choose to cleanse your space and harmonize your energy, we are here to help you promote gratitude and manifest a happy holiday. If you would like to purchase any of these crystals, oils, or essences, or need further assistance with cleansing rituals or supplies, drop by the Crystal Elixir Studio. Our concierge staff will help you develop a custom approach for your home’s holiday needs.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re grateful for you!