Essential Oils to Protect Against Energy Vampires

On Guard

(This is a guest post by our own Michelle Johnson, Essential Oils Barista. Enjoy!)

Behold: The Energy Vampire! We all know them. Sadly, most of us have at least one in our social circle if not in our immediate family. The mere thought of spending time with them makes you want to crawl back under the covers of your warm, cozy bed and sleep through social gatherings. But, hard as you try, you just can’t avoid them.

What Are Energy Vampires?

Also known as “psychic vampires,” energy vampires thrive on depleting the positive energy of anyone they come in contact with. No matter how great things are going in your life, theirs is terrible. They can’t wait to spew all their negative energy onto you…or anyone else in a one-mile radius who’s willing to listen.

Essential Oils That Protect Against Energy Vampires

Fortunately, The Crystal Elixir Studio offers great solutions in two of dōTERRA’s best-selling essential oils: Melaleuca and On Guard.


Also known as Tea Tree Oil, this essential oil helps you recognize and release codependent and toxic relationships. It also helps you explore your shadow self and acknowledge the parts of you that have allowed these relationships to take root in your life. It then empowers you to cut negative ties and foster new, positive interactions with others who respect healthy boundaries. Pretty cool and life affirming!

Use in Diffusers

This oil smells fantastic diffused and blends well with citrus oils, eucalyptus, and our personal favorite, lavender.

  1. Take a few minutes of quiet time before your event.
  2. Add two or three drops to your favorite diffuser alone or with a few drops of lavender.
  3. At the event, set an intention to strengthen your resolve. Remind yourself it’s OK to have strong boundaries.

Use Topically

  1. Rub one or two drops in your hands.
  2. Hold your hands in front of your nose and mouth.
  3. Take a couple deep breaths.
  4. Rub the remaining oil on the back of your neck and shoulders for added protection.

Practical Magic Uses

Melaleuca is fantastic first aid oil. Historically used by the Aborigines in Australia, it’s known for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on irritated skin. Apply a drop or two to occasional cuts and scrapes, or even add a drop to your facial cleanser before applying for an extra purifying boost. Your skin will thank you and you’ll feel like you just left the spa.

On Guard

This oil blends:

  • Wild Orange
  • Clove Bud
  • Cinnamon Leaf and Bark
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary

To protect against energy vampires, it strengthens your resolve to establish healthy boundaries and live in integrity with your True Self. It also protects against domineering personalities and other negative entities. It helps you to stand your ground with confidence in your beliefs and the boundaries you establish.

Use in Diffusers

  1. Establish a bit of quiet time before your event.
  2. This oil is a little spicy, so we recommend adding three or four drops to your favorite diffuser.
  3. Take a few minutes to yourself before entering the event to reestablish your desired boundaries and connect with your True Self.

Use Topically

If you prefer to use On Guard topically, combine it with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil to avoid skin sensitivity or irritation.

  1. Rub one to two drops in your hands with the carrier oil.
  2. Hold your hands in front of your nose and mouth.
  3. Take a couple deep breaths.

Practical Magic Uses

In addition to protecting your energetic boundaries, this blend may also support the body’s natural immune system. Add a couple drops to a spray bottle with water for a non-toxic household cleaner.

Let Us Help Build Your Arsenal

The Crystal Elixir Studio wants to ensure you have every possible tool at your disposal to protect against energy vampires. Stop by our Brentwood shop today to stock up on Melaleuca and On Guard essential oils, crystals, candles, and flower elixirs to keep you happy and healthy in the coming year.