Crystal Elixir Readers & Healers…

… encompass a wide range of modalities and insights which guide you to enhance your personal power and the energy that surrounds you. Astrology, Flower Essences, Tarot and more are available.

If you are having a special event, we can put together a special team to read and prepare so that you have an experience everyone will love and remember!

Arrange a personal appointment today! These are available in store, via phone or Skype. (or FaceTime) Click below each picture for a brief description and then follow the link to book an appointment. (Appointments will be confirmed before payment.)

Get the clarity and healing you have been looking for from a uniquely gifted guide!


Each of us offer a personal and unique approach to help guide and heal.

Jana Hollingsworth

life coach, spirit board, CEO

Shelly Warren

astrology, voyager tarot, psychic development, spiritual ceremonies, prayer and intention workshops

Heather Mccall

kinesiology, trauma balancing, muscle testing, dowsing, master reiki techniques, energy clearing

Danielle Dejoie

certified flower essence practitioner, holistic health coach

Jude Dulhunty

astrologer, voyager tarot consultant, ceremonialist, spiritual life coach

Gillian Caine

psychic medium, tarot reader

Maria Alexander

Horary Astrology