Crystals are known for their powerful vibrational energy, and are said to help align our own body’s vibrational energy fields. Our team will help you pick which crystals can best serve your needs, from protective selenite to heart-opening rose quartz.

Jewelry & Pet Wellness

We have a wide selection of gem stone jewelry. We also feature beautiful pieces made by Kiki Designs. All jewelry can be customized. We also have lovely gem stone wallets and journals.

And why stop with humans when crystals and essential oils can be so healing for our furry friends as well! We offer a selection of curated pet products designed to help pets with anything from anxiety to stomach issues. (in-store-only)

Essences & Essential Oils:

Flower essences contain healing qualities specific to each plant. We carry a full array of flower essences, that are pre-mixed in strategic combinations, or we can customize a mix specifically for clients based on how they feel or what they need. Flower essence work on the emotions and can help bring balance, clarity, and confidence during times of stress, transition, grief, anxiety.


Ceremonial Items:

Sage is an ancient spiritual tool used for many purposes such as clearing energy, healing, purifying, cleansing objects, and dispeling negative energy. Palo Santo is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing powers. Used as a tool for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, and healing. Abalone Shell is believed to carry energies of protection and emotional balance. Many people use the shell as a tool to burn with Sage or Palo Santo.

Crystal Elixir Studios Store

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