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Monthly Women’s Spiritual Collective with Jana and Shelley

CRYSTAL ELIXIR STUDIO - 11731 Barrington Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90049

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Join Crystal Elixir Studio Owner Jana Hollingsworth and our Master Astrologer Shelley Warren in the first monthly meet-up of the Women’s Spiritual Collective as they share with us spiritual and energetic principles to enhance our lives.

Our first collective is all about the principle of “Oneness – Connecting with Universal Energy.”  We’ll meditate with crystals and floral essences, receive free gifts of candles and essential oils, and connect to energetic waves through tuning forks.

The session also includes a brief astrological overview for the month (February:  how to harness the energy of Mercury in Retrograde), exercises to set intentions, and a take-home crystal to focalize your energy in the month ahead.

Cost is $55 per person on Event Brite.  And spots are limited.  Please reserve today!

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