Who We Are A Note from Jana


The Story of Crystal Elixir…

The creation of this store has been a life long dream for me. I wanted to create a space for people’s spiritual needs. It is a place for seekers to find the tools and services they need while forging their spiritual path. It was important for me to create a space where we could customize our merchandise and services to help you on your journey. From custom-blended flower essence elixirs to hand made jewelry, personalized crystal grids, and our wide array of spiritual services, we offer a variation of ways to assist you. We also offer many workshops, full moon ceremonies, and spirit circles for those looking to expand their knowledge.

It was also important for me to be able to bring everything we do in the store to you in the comfort of your own home. Our “concierge” service allows us to bring our gifts and services into your home for private parties and events. (Available to Los Angeles area clients.)

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop metaphysical store.

Please stop by and visit us. We would love to meet you!