Welcome to The Crystal Elixir Studio

If you’re a seeker, no matter where you are on your personal journey, Crystal Elixir Studio will connect you with guides, remedies, artifacts, and, most importantly: a supportive community to help you on your path. 


We Carry 300 Uniquely Curated Items. Here are a few...


We offer a range of services...

In-Store Services

  • Custom Elixir Blends (Flower Essence + Gem Essence + Essential Oils)
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Spirit Board Readings
  • Reiki/Energy Healings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • Pet Readings/Healings
  • Acutone Sound Healing (Tuning Fork Vibrational Treatment)


Concierge Services

  • House Clearings/Blessings
  • Sound Baths
  • Baby Blessings
  • Pet Readings/Healings
  • Customized Services for Events (Birthdays, Graduations, Showers, Kids Parties, Special Occasions, Weddings)

Custom Services

  • Crystal Grids for All Occasions
  • Personalized Candles
  • Personalized Flower/Essential Oils
  • Tarot Readings for Parties
  • Astrology Readings
  • Home-Birth Preparation (Clearings, Blessings, Crystal Grids)
  • Pop-Up Crystal Bar

Group Activities & Workshops:

  • Intention Candle Making
  • Tarot Card Classes
  • Psychic Development
  •  Flower Essence How-To


Classes & Events

  • Candle Making & Intention Setting
  • New Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath
  • Full Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath (1/5,
  • Tarot Card Classes (How To)
  • Psychic Development Workshop (How To)
  • Flower Essence Workshop (How To)


Jana Hollingsworth

Life Coach, Spirit Board

Jana Hollingsworth is a gifted Intuitive Life Coach, Author, and award-winning Fitness Competitor. She is the owner of The Crystal Elixir Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Jana was voted one of the 10 best psychics in LA by CBS. She is also a a well known workshop leader in psychic development. She blends her knowledge of intuitive power with her dedication to health and fitness to create a mind, body, soul approach to her coaching sessions. Janas unique approach to Intuitive Coaching also draws on her experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer, her background in Spiritual Psychology, and her 20+ years of experience working with high-level executives of major corporations. Jana also offers “Spirit Board” readings where she works with her Spirit Guide named Mora who assists her in giving information from the “other side” to give clarity and direction to her clients.

1/2 hour Intuitive Life Coaching - $ 1 3 5

1 hour Intuitive Life Coaching - $ 2 2 5

1 hour Spirit Board Reading - $ 2 5 0

Jude Dulhunty

Astrologer, Voyager Tarot Consultant, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Life Coach

Combine knowledge, experience, and wisdom with humor, love and compassion. Then sprinkle inspiration, passion, and magic… and you have the recipe for a great Reader! Jude Dulhunty is an Australian Astrologer, Voyager Tarot Consultant, Ceremonialist, as well as a Wisdom Way-Shower (Spiritual Life Coach). She has owned and operated Astro*Magic Astrological Services, based in Pacific Palisades, for over 35 years. Jude leads Spiritual Healing adventure hikes for New and Full Moons and performs Outdoor Ceremonies for the Solstices & Equinox. She conducts annual Astrology Trends & Predictions for the New Year, and yearly Vision Board Workshops. Party Entertainment is another service Jude offers.

1 hour Tarot - $ 1 5 0

1/2 hour Tarot - $ 7 5

15 minute Tarot - $ 4 5

Heather McCall

Kinesiology, Trauma Balancing, Muscle Testing, Dowsing, Master Reiki techniques, Energy Clearing

Heather McCall is an energy worker based in Los Angeles.
She comes from an array of teachings including, kinesiology, trauma balancing, muscle testing, dowsing, master Reiki techniques and energy clearing for spaces. These different modality experiences and trainings have led her to a healing approach that is both flexible and collaborative. The animal work gives owners the tools they need to help maintain their animal’s balance. She works with people, spaces and animals across the U.S and Europe.

1 hour Pet Energy Healing - $ 1 3 0

1/2 hour Pet Energy Healing - $ 9 0

Danielle DeJoie

Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach

Danielle DeJoie is a certified flower essence practitioner and holistic health coach who melds these practices for a unique experience of self discovery and healing. She believes wellness is a conscious, self-directed journey that encompasses one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. And that this journey is an ever evolving process towards one’s full potential. She supports this evolutionary process by providing guidance as a coach and by customizing flower essence formulas that help bring awareness and heal on a deep level. Danielle has studied herbal & plant spirit medicines and holistic nutrition for many years. She received her practitioner certification in 2013 and loves supporting clients with flower essences and witnessing the healing & blossoming that unfolds as a result.

1 hour Flower Essence Consultation - $ 1 5 0

Flower Essence Custom Blend - $ 5 0

Shelly Warren

Astrology, Voyager Tarot, Psychic Development, Spiritual Ceremonies, Prayer and Intention workshops

Shelley Warren has been a practicing Astrologer, Life Coach and Voyager Tarot Certified Consultant for 15 years. Her background includes training as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Crystal Energy Healer, and an Entrepreneur for 25years. She teaches Astrology, Voyager Tarot, Psychic Development, Prayer and Intention workshops, and performs Spiritual Ceremonies for special occasions. She brings her Special Star Magic and vast life experience to each session, always leaving her clients feeling Inspired, Connected, and Empowered!

Approx. 1 1/2 hour Astrology Reading - $ 2 2 5

1 hour Tarot - $ 1 5 0

1/2 hour Tarot - $ 7 5

15 minute Tarot - $ 4 5